Friday, August 10, 2012

More Etsy Equestrian

It always amazes me how creative people can be.  Every now and then I peruse Etsy just to see what people have made or found to sell.  There is some great stuff on Esty if you take the time to look.  Here are a few things I came up with this Friday morning:

Stationary, cards, a gift for that horse lover in your life?

This is different.  Looks Hermes-like but for less than $10 this will be a great Christmas gift:

Vintage-something?  Not sure what I would do with this but I like it.

More stationary, gift cards, labels for gift baskets and invitations.   Even bottled water labels with horses.

This is cute stationary. I am a sucker for a monogram or a name. I like my cards personalized.

For those who hunt:

And this I really love!  Can't wait to do that Derby party and how cool would this stuff be?

Hope you have a wonderful Friday. We had a big scare here last night. Lucky is what we are!  Big storm came up in the middle of the night. Went to get the horses in, it was lightning everywhere.  Could not get one of them in.  The lightning was hitting the ground on both sides of us.  Very very scary but obviously we're all here!  Don't take a day for granted.

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