Thursday, August 23, 2012

Rural Pennsylvania Tobacco Barn Project

I fell in love with Richard Keith Langham's redo of an old barn in rural Pennsylvania in the Sept/Oct issue of Veranda.  Check out the an article about it here.

This is one lovely barn that a couple had remade into a large guest house.  Invite me over please!  I simply LOVE the cornice boards.  What a great idea.  The curtains are burlap. The owners apparently scoured markets with the decorators and architects to find old wood and other pieces to put in the barn.

The barn is whimsical, blends the old with the new, is folksy but too much so, and so inviting.  Love the Schumacher print on the sofa, called Fox Hollow (no wonder I like it).

The pavilion by the pool is just so over the top.

Love the red toile lantern and the wood behind it.  What a great pattern. Who would have ever thought to have done that?

Not sure where the farm is, but my guess is Bucks County.  Love it!


  1. Absolutely love love it!

  2. This guest house is really beautiful and amazing..I would love to spend a vacation over here..

  3. Very glorious..People will love to spend the vacation over here..


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