Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Mad About Plaid

There's something timeless about plaid, not to mention its preppy appeal.   Ralph Lauren loves it.  Young and old can wear it and a house looks wonderful done in it!

These chairs are divine!

Plates. Great for setting a holiday dinner table.

Makes we want to start a bonfire!

Love this!

This bathroom works great for a guy!

All photos are from Pin Interest!


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  2. I love all the plaid, and after the first of October I drag out the plaid accents myself. Your wonderful post has encouraged me to redecorate my son's bathroom with that manly plaid in the photo above. But while I generally like Ralph Lauren's taste, I would never buy anything that bears his initials. We all have initials of our own and we're not related to Ralph, so why would we display his? The answer is too awful to write.

    Thank you for the beautiful and inspiring images, as always.

  3. Your photo of a trunk full of plaid inspired me to bring my Great Grandmother Robbins' humpback trunk in from the garage, where it had lived for 30 years because I had never found time to line and refinish it, fill it with kilts, robes, blankets, shawls and everything plaid. The trunk has become a cherished addition to our living room all year long. Thank you for the inspiration!


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