Thursday, August 9, 2012

Beasts of the Field

My needlepoint "stash" is huge - one day I will get through it if my hands hold up that long.  In my stash is one of the Elizabeth Bradley "Beasts of the Field" kits.  There are four of them and I want to do all four.

The kits come with great instructions and all the wool threads you'll need (Elizabeth Bradley has her own colors). I don't have a favorite among the four, they are all divine!

When you get them all done you connect them with this Greek fret looking  border and viola you have a wonderful needlepoint rug.  I have seen this done where they are all in a row, like a runner.  Lovely!  But tons of work. One day!!!!  Enjoy your Thursday and happy stitching!  And by the way, Needlepoint.Com sells the entire Elizabeth Bradley line. Take a look here.

1 comment:

  1. I love Elizabeth Bradley needlepoint. I'm currently working on the sheep canvas and will go at it with gusto again when the snow starts flying. The goal is to make the rug. I've also got several of her floral patterns to make a rug. The ribbon border is a bit intimidating though! Wish it was printed on canvas and not just a paper pattern. BTW, I really enjoy your blog.


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