Friday, August 3, 2012

Hostess With the Mostest

Picking up fun and interesting hostess gifts is a challenge.  Sometimes you know the person really well, sometimes not. I've pick out  a few possible gift ideas, to fit various pocketbooks, things I'd love to receive!

Here it goes:

These monogrammed soaps, well, who can't use soap, and you'd never ever buy these for yourself.  

Also like this monogrammed cutting board.

These monogrammed flasks would be a great guy gift or for someone who gets out a lot:

 I LOVE these monogrammed cocktail napkins.  From Julia B. Not cheap but these are fabulous.

These are my favorite candles and I've talked about these before. Lafco makes them, they are big, will last a long time and come in a bunch of scents, one for every room in the house.

You can never miss with flowers:

And a small Herend animal, well, love!

How about some really cool cookies?

More cocktail napkins!

Hope you have lots of guests coming!  Happy Friday.  Think GOLD!!!!!


  1. Being a monogram FANATIC that is always my gift of choice (when I think ahead) not only for other but for myself:) But those cookies are pretty darn cute too! Love the soaps and agree, they make a wonderful gift.....have a nice weekend!


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