Thursday, October 31, 2013

A Trophy Life

Everyone loves a winner, right?  I mean a real winner, the winning that comes from hard work and dedication, the kind of recognition that goes only to one person or a team, not to everyone.  This is the old fashioned kind of winning, the kind that vintage style picks up on.  The kind I like.  And it looks good in your home too!

Ralph Lauren captures this very well but you can too. Vintage trophies are out there on Ebay, in thrift shops, on Etsy and 1stDibbs.

You can incorporate this same "equestrian style" very easily....

You don't have to own a racing stable but you can capture that same aura if you will....

 (all photos are from Pinterest)
And it's even better if some of the trophies are your very own.  Here's to a winning day, wherever you might be!

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