Tuesday, October 29, 2013

From Soup to Nuts

It's soup time here in the country, with cold days and blustery nights.  What better time to pull out the soup tureens and nut bowls.  We love to entertain although I am way below my quota this year.  As soon as I am able, I'm pulling out the recipes, dusting off the old silver and making soup as an appetizer with some warm spiced pecans on the side. 
Loving this adorable little bowl from Orvis I believe:

 This one is equally cute!
 I love old soup tureens! These are on 1stdibbs.com:

Newer ones are also wonderful, especially ones from Herend!  Rothchild Birds is my favorite; the one that sits in my dining room, well, let's just say we don't use it.  But it looks great.

Here is an old Spode tureen (1stDibbs):

Another old one from Pinterest:

This is probably one of my favorites, from Wedgewood, love the fox and hounds!

This one is not old but loving the horses, of course!



  1. Oh, I LOVE the squirrel things! My sorority's mascot is squirrels and it would be too cool to bring one for our Christmas gift exchange. I'll look at the one from Orvis, but do you know where you found the other?

  2. Never mind, I found them. Very, very cute but a little too pricey for the gift exchange. :-)


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