Monday, October 7, 2013

The 2013 Washington International Horse Show

I am just loving the 2013 advertisement for the Washington International Horse Show which starts later this month in downtown D.C. This is the cover from their prize list but perhaps you have seen some of the ads in magazines or in stores.  It is one of two "indoors" shows left (the other being Pennsylvania National in Harrisburg which starts this week).  Only the best of the best come here including some well-known Olympians.  Nothing compares to being in downtown D.C. with your horse.

The show runs from October 22nd through the 27th and you can buy tickets here.  If you want more information click here. If you have never been, go!  It's so worth it.


  1. Very clever and eye-catching campaign, which yes, I have definitely noticed in my horse mags.


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