Sunday, November 24, 2013

Cold Weather, I Mean, Stylish Essentials

Old Man Winter reared his ugly head today with brute force winds and low temperatures.  It's that time of year, when you pull out the cold weather essentials.  But who says you can't look stylish when you muck stalls, mend fences or chase an old mare around the field in 20 degree weather?  I say you can!

I love these boots from J Crew and they come in several colors:

And these are very nice as well from Ariat and let's face it when your feet are cold, well, the rest of you can't be too comfortable either....

Arcteryx is my favorite winter clothing now.  It started in British Columbia and this stuff is just warm.  I love their under layers and their vests and coats. It costs a little more but also holds up well too.  It's not just for looks, it does the job too.


Another go-to brand is Smart Wool.  It's really warm.  The tops are great too!

The socks are just the warmest out there but I must admit they do not hold up well.  But since I'm still waiting for someone to create warm socks that last, I'll keep buying these.

Stay warm and remember to be stylish too!


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