Saturday, November 16, 2013

New Needlepoint

Winter is the best time for new needlepoint.  Since my injury has made it difficult to stitch, I am far behind and not, repeat, not adding to my stash.  There is still so much out there to stitch.....

These bracelets make great gifts and are so easy to complete; makes for a good project when you are working on a big project like a rug or handbag.

This will likely go in my stash one day.  Love!

I completed this canvas but could not decide what to do with it, now I know!

Another rug!

This would go anywhere in my house:

This is adorable:

Herend bunny anyone?

This is a great Christmas pillow:

This was the last addition to my stash:

Love, love, love...........

We used this ornament in a giveaway and I have been eyeing it ever since......


  1. Ann,
    Would love to know where I might purchase a couple of these needlepoint canvas's. Thank you

  2. I would love to know as well, thanks! They are all lovely!

  3. Po's Point in Charlotte. NC can order any of these.


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