Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Equestrian Covergirls

The equestrian world once upon a time appeared to be part of popular culture by looking at some old magazine covers.  This would make an interesting thesis for a sociology project wouldn't it?  Bet you'd never see a horse on the cover of The New Yorker unless a horse wins The Triple Crown again. This one is 1928.

Certainly the once popular National Horse Show in Madison Square Garden had something to do with it.

And racing was much bigger than it is today way back when...

This now defunct title is from 1916.

 Does anyone remember Spur which ceased publication in the mid 1990's.

Even Southern Living was into horses at one time.

In 1926 even Time celebrated the country lifestyle with icon CZ Guest gracing the cover.

And I love this old cover.

Love this old Vanity Fair cover. The only way we'd horses here again was if Gwyneth Paltrow decided to ride the circuit.

There are plenty of new magazines out there now but these are not mainstream and clearly are niche players. 

But I have to give kudos to Vogue....

Times change don't they?


  1. What a super-fun post! I just loved seeing all of these, and now I'm wondering how the heck you found them. I especially like the New Yorkers. I do love that magazine and the cover art is just one of the reasons why. You cracked me up with the comment about Vanity Fair - so true! I don't know, they could possibly do Kaley Cuoco (sp.?), as she is a genuine equestrian as well as an attractive young, blonde TV star....

  2. gosh I love this post -- you speak to my heart and I love horses a ton. I rode all my life, now my daughter is a crazy equestrian, way more than me and after riding her entire childhood and we traveled around the country for competitions she rides at Cornell University Equestrian team -- this is a lovely compilation of the sport through the media's eyes. warmly, tamara

  3. Was CZ Guest really that old in 1927?


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