Sunday, December 8, 2013

A Needlepoint Christmas

One of my favorite pastimes is to stitch.  I wish I had the thousands of hours it would take to stitch all the pieces I want to create.  I hope I've inspired some of you to pick up this wonderful hobby.  It's so much fun to stitch gifts for those you love.  I've made two belts in the past year - for other people.

I've selected some lovely Christmas items.  You'd better start now, getting these ready for 2014!  Enjoy!  Email me if you want more information on any of these fabulous pieces.


Love Lilly for Christmas!

This is on my "to do" list, a LOVELY pillow!



  1. Gorgeous pieces! DId you stitch all of these yourself? Great job.

  2. You are so right. There are not enough hours to stitch all the wonderful canvases out there. Some people collect tea cups, I seem to collect needlepoint canvases, especially Christmas!

  3. Do you have any tips/advice for finishing ornaments yourself? I have 5 that I stitched last year, and don't want to pay to get them finished but would like to hang them on my tree :)

    1. No, I think it would be very difficult to do. I always send mine out to be finished.


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