Tuesday, December 31, 2013

The Best Posts of 2013

Looking back over the year, it's interesting to see which posts were the most popular.  It will surprise you.  If you are a new reader then maybe you have not seen these, most from January.  As we ring out 2013, let's toast to the most read blogposts of the year! 

Number 5

Tack Rooms Extraordinaire
This was the fifth most viewed post of 2013.  As a barn owner and farm lover producing this was great fun.  Wouldn't we all love to get inside the fancy farms in Kentucky, Wellington, the top show jumper riders and owners in Europe?  Maybe we did not get inside those but with unlimited funds just think what you might create.  This post offers some over the top and some plain and simple ideas.  You can view this, posted in August, here.
Number 4

Equestrian Influence in Furniture, Right Now!
This post showcased Julia Browning Bova's new line for Stanford Furniture, taking the applause away from Ralph Lauren Home, at least temporarily.  You can read this early January post right here
Number 3

Primer on Needlepoint Belts
The needlepoint posts are always popular and you'd be surprised how many readers ask where they can buy specific canvases they see here.  Belts are so easy and fun to stitch (even a caveman can do it).  You'll keep seeing these in 2014.  And I hope some of you have learned to stitch after reading these posts.  You can view this one here.
Number 2

Style Icon C.Z. Guest
The popularity of this great trendsetter and equestrian is not a surprise.  No one today even begins to remind me of the fashionable but sporty New England beauty. You can read this one here.
Number 1
Hermes Fabric and Wallpaper Collection
I must admit that I was surprised that this one was the most popular.  I love Hermes and might have included the wallpaper above in my house if it had been available at the time.  But what this shows is that timeless is still tops.  You can view this one here.
Happy New Year!

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