Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Help Save a Horse From Slaughter

It's criminal what's happening in our world when we are sending precious horses, often abused, neglected, to slaughter. Lucky for us and for some of the horses, there are some kind souls out there who are working to save these horses from a terrible death.  Look at this one, a lovely large pony, just saved today:

He looks much better than many but his feet are not in good shape.

This one was also saved this week:

From their web site:

We Have Saved Hundreds of Horses  
The Omega Horse Rescue and Rehabilitation Center has placed more 1,200 horses since its foundation in 1997. We handle all horse breeds, ponies, donkeys and mules for possible adoption. 
Whether the horses come to the Rescue by way of neglect, auction or donation, our mission remains clear and constant: Educate horse owners on the true responsibilities involved in equine care; legislate the humane treatment of horses everywhere; and find appropriate homes for unwanted, abused or neglected equines of all descriptions.

Read more here.
I don't typically get on the soap box but a $5 donation buys a bail of hay, $15 pays for a bag of feed, $30 a farrier trim.  They are a legitimate 501(c)3.  You can donate here via Paypal.

Please go to the site and read the stories, make a donation, better yet, adopt a horse in real need of a break, a loving home, a bale of hay, a nice meal of oats and carrots.


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  1. Ugh, sweet pony looks like he had some kind of bad accident from the scarring on his flank. I hope he can be rehabbed and found a wonderful home! The other one appears to be a Standardbred, and there's a Saddlebred in the background, so I'm thinking New Holland auction is where these folks are doing their rescuing. This seems to be a wonderful operation and I wish them much continued success.


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