Thursday, July 3, 2014

Horse Show Artist Stephen Filarsky

Over the years I had seen Stephen Filarsky's work at horse shows - Upperville, Devon, Raleigh and others.  I had always admired his work, his ability to capture the character and essence of some of the great ones like Upperville, Blowing Rock and Deep Run. He also has a blog. See it here.  He frequently paints the covers for some of the big shows. This is the one for the show I just attended.  Very surprised no one bought this painting. I was so tempted.

This will be the cover for the Blowing Rock show (I think that is correct). He donates it to auction at the show.  Love this one too!



Deep Run (in Virginia):




Devon, I think:

 Deep Run I think:

 Upperville, jumper side:

This is my favorite, Blowing Rock:

I love his work!  You can see much more on his website.  I would love to add a piece to my own collection!  See more here.

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