Friday, May 22, 2015

The Devon Horse Show

Memorial Day weekend is synonomous in the horse world for Devon. If you show hunters you'll be at Devon.

The show started yesterday and runs until May 31st just outside of Philly on the Main Line. The show grounds are tiny but its prestige factor is not dictated by its small acrage. It's the best of the very best, you must qualify to get to show here.

I only had one horse to go to Devon and that's the only time I visited the horse show.  I must admit it was fun to attend and to watch your own horse compete and yes, we did come home with ribbons! That's my boy, Dandy, with Mary Lisa Leffler on board.  He was such a sweet guy.  He came over from Germany and he loved junk food!  It was a sunny day but I remember the mud well.

Devon has it's own traditions like tea sandwiches:

 There is also a country fair:

And the shopping there is endless.  If you live nearby you should make the trip. 

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  1. When I lived in Maryland we always made the trip to Devon (I live in L.A. now) It was always such a special few days. So pretty with the special blue and white stands. Loved the shopping too!


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