Friday, May 22, 2015

Pony Past Perfect - Toy Story

Some famous horses and ponies had humble beginnings.  Toy Story's history is worth remembering. 

Toy Story, or "Bug" as he was known outside the show ring, has an interesting story. On a summer day, looking for something to do, a woman named Cynthia took a trip to the New Holland sale (in Pa) with no intentions of buying anything. Then, she spotted "Bug" tied to a fence. Feeling sorry for the pony, Cynthia arranged to purchase the pony and give him a chance at life. Legend has it she paid less than $1000 for the small dark bay pony.  Several years later, he stormed on the pony hunter scene with rider/owner Maggie McAlary. His career includes many wins, including:

Champion Small Pony Hunter and Best Child Rider at Devon 2000
Winner 2000 Pony Equitation Finals
Champion Harrisburg 2000
Champion Washington 2000
Grand Pony Hunter Champion - Old Salem 1998
USEF Zone I - 5th Green Pony Hunter 1998
Numerous other Championships

 Toy Story is now in his 20's and he's still showing little girls how to ride.  I was lucky to see him last weekend at a show in Washington, DC.  He looks pretty good out there.....

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