Thursday, May 7, 2015

Mother's Day Picks

It may be a little late as Mother's Day is this Sunday but for those who haven't shopped yet (and there is always express shipping) here are a few ideas for your mom!

Who does not love Herend bunnies? If your mom does not have a collection then maybe you should start one for her.  See this one here.

 Any mom will love new clothes.  I am partial the aqua jacket below.  See it here.

Does your mom also ride or does she follow you to shows? She might like this cute bracelet:

Handbag?  This cute clutch will go with everything this summer.  See it here.
Something for her bath? Or a lotion or better yet, her favorite perfume.... See this here.

And I love these necklaces. These also will go with everything. You can find all kinds of great finds here.

Happy Mothers' Day to everyone out there who is a mom!

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