Tuesday, August 23, 2016

I Heart Poshmark

Say adios to Ebay and hello to Poshmark, a much better way to sell your fashionable, brand name clothes, and to find great bargains on lightly used clothing and accessories. If you have not tried it, you should. See it here.

Here's how it works.  Take a picture of the clothing you want to sell with your phone. You have, of course, loaded the app on your smart phone.  The picture is downloaded. You add, size, price, description, color, etc. and it goes to your "closet" where the items you are selling are housed.  A buyer can bid on your item.  You can accept it, turn it down, counter offer.  Once a price is settled on, a shipping label is emailed to you.  The buyer always pays for shipping.  You pack it up, take it to the post office and off it goes.  The buyer has a few days to accept your item and sellers are rated.  Once accepted the money goes to your account, Poshmark keeps a small percentage.  You can request a check or use your account funds to buy off Poshmark.  It is so easy.  You can buy high end brands like Hermes and Gucci and I have found it a great source to sell my J Crew items that are sitting in my closet, that have rarely been worn.  Try it out.  I think you'll never use Ebay ever again to buy and sell clothing and accessories.


  1. But do they also buy/sell riding apparel? Never know when you might need a new hunt coat!

    1. I do not know. There are plenty of places on Facebook to buy and sell riding clothes.


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