Monday, August 15, 2016

Tupelo Honey Cafe - Great Cookbooks

While I realize many people don't cook anymore, I am not one of them.  Cooking is relaxing, fun when I have the time and I like to try new recipes.  Being from the South, I love vegetables and what I call updated Southern cuisine.  Restaurant cookbooks are my favorites.  I've had the Tupelo Honey Cookbook for a few years and love it. The cafe is in Asheville, NC (have not dined here) but it would be on my list given the recipes.  You can buy the cookbook here.

I just received the new version and I must say it is full of great recipes.  Last night we dined on a potato casserole and a corn dish made with Guyere cheese.  Scrumptious!  You can see the new one here. This one has been out a little over two years.

The recipes are not difficult but difficult enough and ingredients are ones you can easily find in a decent grocery store. If you love gourmet Southern cuisine, dive into these!

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