Friday, August 19, 2016

The Indispensable Jean Jacket

I don't think there's a more versatile piece than a denim jacket for any wardrobe.  I love having one, with pockets preferably and I wear one with khaki pants, with a Lilly skirt, with white jeans, with just about anything.  My favorite one, an old Talbot's jacket, was lost, so I am in the market for a new one.  I find myself needing one, a jacket with pockets that goes with everything for an event next week.  Here are some that I am looking at......

This one from J Crew is greatly reduced and I like it's boxy style.  The pockets look cheap but it may be worth a try.  See it here.

This one from Madewell is also cute.  See it here.
You can't beat the price of this one from H & M.  See it here.

This one has a little grunge going on but is still cute and very reasonable. See it here, also from H & M.  

If you opt for a shorter style then you'll like this one from Ralph. See it here.

I also like this one.  See it here.
This one could be interesting. I think they overdid it with the arms. See it here.

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