Friday, May 5, 2017

It's Finally Friday!

It's finally Friday.  How I love the weekend!  It's been a busy week with the excitement of the run-up to the Derby. Cannot wait until Saturday evening for the race.  The suspense will soon be over. 
1) Baffled by No Baffert Derby Horse?
If you are a racing fan, you may be wondering why we have not seen a "Baffert Horse" in the line-up for Saturday's Kentucky Derby. Sadly, he had another great one, Mastery (love the name) who won't be there, but should be in the post parade.  Mastery was on his way to be a clear favorite for the race but broke an ankle after winning his last race in early March.  He survived the surgery but the injury was career-ending.  Like Uncle Mo, he'll miss the Derby and retire to stud.  Who knows what might have happened?  Read his story here in the New York Times.

2) Hockey Fans Unite
Stanley Cup Playoff time is the only time I follow hockey but I love it and follow it closely.  The two best teams are battling it out again this year, the Washington Capitals and the Pittsburgh Penguins.  Sadly, superstar Sidney Crosby took a very bad hit and is out.  But the Penguins came through and won game four.  Now can they win game five and clinch the series again?  We'll know this weekend! It'll be a great game!

3) Color in the Country
I'm in love with this country house designed by Ashley Whittaker in Millbrook, New York. It was featured in a recent House Beautiful.  This proves you can add lots of color to a country house.  When can I move in?  You can see more photos here.

(House Beautiful)
4) Put the Wellies to Work
If you missed my earlier post about Rockfish Wellies, you'll be needing them this weekend. I'll be wearing mine for the next few days.  Love them. 

5) Derby Party Entertaining
Want to entertain like you are having a Derby Party all year long?  You can with these adorable napkins, cocktail napkins, and place mats from Pomegranate.  Why just do it a few weeks a year?  See them here.

Have a great Friday!  And may the best horse in the Derby win!

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