Thursday, May 25, 2017

You Know It's Almost Memorial Day When.....

It's almost Memorial Day Weekend and the start of summer.  It's a wonderful time of year, a weekend we all look forward to. So, how do you know it's here......

1) The Devon Horse Show
The mecca (other than Upperville) for Horse Show Aficianados.  If you are near the Main Line by all means make the trip.  It's a fun trip for even those who aren't into the horse show scene.

2) The Real Stanley Cup Playoffs Start
The final playoff game is tonight.  Hoping Sidney Crosby can work his magic one more time at home in Pittsburgh.

3) White Jeans?
I wear white jeans about eight months of the year, but some people still wear white only after Memorial Day.

4) Outdoor Entertaining
 I actually started dining on the patio a few weeks ago, but once Memorial Day rolls around, it's patio dining seven days a week and I love it. These monogrammed pineapple plates would be lovely on the patio for sure.  See them here.

5) You Don't Think Wearing Lilly is Silly Anymore
Who doesn't love wearing Lilly?  I've been wearing my Lilly popovers for about a month or two now, but you can pull out the shift dresses officially. Isn't this one cute?

6) Jack Rogers Come Out of the Closet

Hope you have fantastic plans for the long weekend!


  1. Love those white jeans! Do you know the source? Happy show season with your new horse. Kym


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