Monday, October 22, 2018

Holiday Decorating Ideas

It's not too early to start thinking about holiday decorating. I love the holiday season and wish that others decorated more, had more parties, made the time of year more festive than it is today.  Perhaps city dwellers are more festive than us rural folks. Hope so.

Here are some of my plans for this season.......

I'm taking a fake garland and am going to drape it around a door frame and attach all of my needlepoint ornaments to it so I can really enjoy them.  This has also inspired me to add more ornaments to my small collection.  Only one new one this year - but will have more to add for next year.

I love picking out fun new ornaments to add the tree, I mean garland:

(Swedish Ornament)

I stitched a stand-up Santa a few years ago and would like to add another one to my collection for next year. Love this this one!
I love this cedar planter insert that you can use all winter long (not just for the holidays) to fill your planters with greenery:

Adding a door mat is an easy way to make your home festive!

If you prefer fresh greens you can order this boxwood garland by the foot!

I hang a Mistletoe Ball on my lawn jockey outside near my walk. Mine needs to be replaced. I prefer the real boxwood ones but a fake one is more practical:

 Have I inspired you to decorate?


  1. I've already started buying ornaments here and there to add to my tree.. It's NEVER too early to think about decorating for the holidays.. especially for those of us who do it right..
    I've missed having magnolia leaves in my decorating; as you know, they aren't native to NH lol.. This year I'm having some shipped up from the South. The fake ones just don't do it...

  2. Would love to see your magnolia decorations once they are up!


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