Sunday, October 14, 2018

Life in the Doghouse - The Incredible Story of Danny and Ron's Dog Rescue Organization

Most people who love horses also love animals but especially dogs.  Most everyone I know on the circuit has at least one dog in tow.  Danny Robertshaw and Ron Danta, two well-known professionals in the hunter-jumper world, started a small dog rescue organization that has morphed into a well-oiled machine that has saved and homed over 11,000 dogs.  Amazing isn't it?

Based in South Carolina or Florida, depending on the season, they have a full-staff, a non-profit that has raised money to support their cause and now a movie.

The documentary film is showing across the country in select theaters.  You can use this link to see if it is coming to your town.  

A few years ago Essex Shirts created a Danny and Ron's Rescue Shirt and part of the proceeds go to fund this wonderful cause.  And aren't they cute?

They also have a version for non-riders.  You see the others here. I have this one and it goes with everything!  And what a great way to spread the word about this great organization (and look good at the same time!)

And they have a tie:

If you need a new dog, want to fund a great cause, and see a very heart-warming story that has a happy ending, then check out Danny and Ron's Rescue.

You can donate directly to the organization:

 Danny and Ron's Rescue
PO Box 604
Camden, SC  29021

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