Friday, May 24, 2019

Needlepoint Stash Picks

Summer is not the best time for stitching at my house, but nevertheless, I am always adding to my "stash" - who can resist the tug of a great canvas? Only the needlepoint aficionados know what I mean.  Here are some of the canvases I'd love to add to my growing stash.......

This Tally Ho canvas from Pip & Roo is finally back in stock.  Love this!

This great sign can be ordered from Po's Point.  Can't wait to put this on my patio door!

Who doesn't love a great bunny?  This one too can be ordered from Po's Point:

Another favorite from Po's Point:

The Plum Stitchery is one of my favorite designers.  Love this one!

Love this pillow from Dana Gibson (through The Plum Stitchery):

And I love these Dana Gibson pillows (they come in four colors) but they are big and you'll need a spot, or use this to cover a stool!  

And I also love this Mother Nature Series from The Plum Stitchery (but I would leave out the mother and just use the animals):

And I love this ornament, also by The Plum Stitchery:

Happy Stitching!  Enjoy the long weekend.....


  1. Love these! I do a lot of counted cross stitch and people look at me funny when I tell them about it. I think it's because I'm usually such a high energy, busy person that they have a hard time picturing it, but there's nothing more relaxing than needle and thread!


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