Monday, May 6, 2019

The Derby Hangover

It's Monday morning and I still feel like this is all a terrible dream.  As bad as I felt last week for the connections of Omaha Beach, I feel even worse now for the connections of Maximum Security, if that were even possible.

I just read that the owners (The Wests) are seriously considering getting out of racing completely (and they've been in it for 40 years in a big way).   It appears that they cannot appeal the decision except through the Federal courts (and we know how long that would take - years), assuming this also is not hearsay.

It's just a terrible situation anyway you look at it.  The real issue that I have is that the one horse that was really affected (and perhaps might have beat MS) was War of Will, the #1 horse and his trainer/jockey did not make a claim - and I like their reasons. You can read that here. Long Range Toddy was not going to win.  And Country House would not have passed MS, even for another quarter or half mile.  

Sad day for horse racing.  Has the Derby turned into a celebrity photo op and not the real horse race that it was intended to be?  You be the judge.  That's our America today folks.  This is what we have all helped to create.

(Justin N. Lane photo)


  1. I actually agree that Maximum Security's connections should have been held accountable. He interfered in a big way that could have caused a very serious accident. That sort of thing should be brought up and dealt with by the stewards.

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  3. MS interferred. Mott was correct when he said if this happened in a maiden claimer on a weekday the horse would be taken down. The stewards would probably have let it go for the Derby if two jocks hadn't made a claim of foul. You are so quick to say we've all screwed up America by loosening our standards. Well, this was clear interference and we DQ horses for that all the time--frequently the best horse in the race--it's a rule. That's racing. And bumping just out of the gate is not considered interference as the horses are not technically "racing", which has to do with where the clock actually starts.

  4. Baffert's comments are interesting. He says it's the Derby and with 20 horses it is what it is, basically. You get knocked around, that's what happens in the Derby. With 20 horses what else can you expect. One thing is for sure - you only have so much control of a horse at that speed at that age, in that atmosphere.


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