Thursday, May 9, 2019

Thursday Treasures

TGIT - Thank goodness it's Thursday!  Look what I found.....

I've been waiting for this one!  Love this Tally Ho needlepoint.  Put it on a pillow, hang it on a door, put it on tote bag. Use your imagination!  See it here.


I'm big on eye creams - not dressed without it!  Try Drunk Elephant's divine serum if you like a serum.

If you prefer a cream then this one might be up your alley. I have tried this one and it's not real heavy but not lightweight either, somewhere in between. See it here.

Still need the perfect gift for mom?  Fed Ex is still alive, thank goodness.  Love this Lilly Wine Cooler.  Drink in preppy style!  See it here.

Love this Denim Chore Coat.  There's nothing as classic as a denim jacket.  Wear this with everything (but denim):

Love these pink napkins for spring from India Amory. See them here.

I love this J McLaughlin dress that is great for the races - Preakness, Saratoga, Belmont.

Happy Thursday!

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