Tuesday, September 24, 2019


Clogs are back in a big way but in my world they never went out of style. We've been wearing Dansko clogs to horse show for 20 years or more. But it's nice to see them back as they are so practical especially for fall.  Here are some picks.  Which ones are your favorite?

These come in black and brown and I'm partial to the brown ones.  They are also greatly reduced. Wish the heel height was a little lower but these are pretty darn cute. See them here.

I wish these came in more colors as I'm not partial to the red or yellow but if you can wear these colors then these are really cute.  See them here.

These are knock offs to the uber expensive Tory Burch clogs and the heels are lower.  See these here.

Love the Tory Burch ones a lot!  See them here.

Love these clogs too!

Or if you plain vanilla clogs at a great price try these.

Clogs are back!

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