Sunday, September 15, 2019

Fun Fall Horsey Clothing for the Riders and Non-Riders

I am loving some of the fun new fall and winter clothing that is starting to show up, stuff that you can wear even if you don't ride.  While in Dover Saddlery yesterday, I saw some of their new clothing and the selection, the variety, it's great.

This sweatshirt was not in the store and I'd love to see it in real life.  It also comes in gray. Love the details.  See it here.

As usual the Ariat clothing does not disappoint. I love the red and blues.  Their clothing is such good quality, lasts, fits well and it's reasonably priced. See this sweater here.  Wish it as all wool.

Also love this top from Kingsland. Would love to wear with jeans, or to ride in. See it here.

And I love this new base layer from Ariat. See it here.

And this half zip is SO CUTE in real life.  See it here.

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