Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Do You Remember Pierre Deux?

I watched the Tory Burch fashion show online on Sunday morning and she is channeling Princess Diana for the spring.  She is also rolling out "Pierre Deux" type bags as Diana had one as we all did back then.  Do you remember Pierre Deux?  I loved going to the stores in Washington and Atlanta.

You can still find the stuff on Etsy and Ebay like this bag here.

Pierre Deux brought the French Country Style to mainstream America and it never really left but it was so "in" in the 80's.

Here's a toile tablecloth also on Etsy. 

Here is a lovely pillow:

We all owned this book but I don't have mine anymore:

Here is another bag:

The company declared bankruptcy in 2011 and I believe the shops have all closed.    The founder, Pierre Moulin, died in 1999.  You read his obituary here.

If you love the brand then you'll want to look for the bags next spring at Tory Burch.


  1. I still have the Pierre Deux pattern featured on the Etsy tablecloth as wallpaper in a small powder room! Seriously dating myself ...

    1. We have that same wallpaper in our mudroom! Love it! Sure do miss the store and fabrics.

  2. Still have the purse pictured in the top photo! Remember very well the store at Mazza in DC...


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