Thursday, September 23, 2021

My Fall Fixes

Fall finally arrived last night with torrential downpours and heavy winds pushing mother summer out of the way. But alas summer has left us and to be honest, this year, I was glad to see that sucker leave. It's been a long summer filled with much disappointment (for another day) but looking forward to a new day and a new fall.

All of our fall and early winter travel plans have been cancelled due to Covid (and please tell me you are fully vaccinated).  Our hospitals are filled to the brink, our numbers and huge and sadly people are dying that could have lived.  But enough of that - this is a choice, and an obvious one for sure.  But I am readying for fall around the house and in the closet.

I won't do a lot of shopping this fall as I am not going anywhere but will find a few new things to brighten the closet.  I wear a lot of sweaters and I like this one, due to the half-zip.  Navy was my first choice but this color will go with more and I'll wear a t-shirt underneath with an Hermes scarf.

I also like this one for colder weather.

I was really trying to get away from the sweatpants but the reality is that is what I wear these days at home.  These are really cute for fall.

I also like these black clogs from Loft.  Almost sold out however. 

Big fan of Everlane pants and I like this style.  They are great quality and offer many sizes.  I bought two pairs of pants similar to these last spring from Loft and have not worn either yet.  But I like these in black corduroy for fall and winter and wear with the clogs above.

Love these shearling mules.  I don't think I'd ever take these off!


I am also preparing the house for the fall and winter weather.  I ordered a set of four aqua Christopher Spitzmiller salad plates with a bonus I received in early summer and have debated about ordering more.  With more bonuses I am going to pull the trigger on the dinner plates and debated about the color.  Going to order the hunter green as I can mix them for fall with my Juliska orange plates (sadly discontinued) and my L.V. Harkness plates (which I love and use mostly in the fall).

Here are the orange Juliska plates that I have:

Santa says that he is sending tortoise flatware my way (Sabre).  Cannot wait for Santa.  I also love these plates for fall.  They have the salad plates now at the Juliska Outlet online. 

Here are the L.V. Harkness plates that I will use with my green Spitzmiller plates when they arrive:

Now that it is colder, I'll add some pumpkins, cabbage, kale and flowers to my steps.  Let's celebrate the fall season before mother winter arrives.

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