Saturday, November 12, 2011

Poor Truman

I am a worried mother this morning.  My dear young Truman is very sick and we not are certain what the problem is.  He is the dearest, sweetest cats, one of the real loves of my life.  He deserves a good, happy, healthy life.

 He was a year old in July.  Suddenly he stopped eating, drinking, became very lethargic.  He does not want to go outside.  Now he is throwing up (but not eating) and his white blood cell count is very low.  His lungs are not clear either.  It is starting to look very bad.

We went to the vet late Thursday and he is on antibiotics.  We are going back this morning.  Help!

Please say a prayer for the poor boy.  I think he is going to need it!


  1. Many hugs and wishes for a quick recovery for your darling Truman. Nothing is worse than having our beloved animals ill and not being able to help.

  2. Oh poor sweet thing. Agreed, nothing worse than your animal looking at you helplessly. Wishing him a fast and healthy recovery.


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