Monday, November 14, 2011

Winter Essentials

Now that winter is upon us, it's time to get out the winter "essentials" - the things that we can't live without on the farm in winter.  It's quite a change when you have to get up in the freezing temperatures to do those chores and it only gets worse.

For those of you who live in a warm climate or who go "south" for the winter, you can just disregard this post as it simply won't apply to you.  But for those of us who brave the winter weather, well, we just adapt.

This is one item that keeps me warm in any kind of weather.  You won't find this in Vogue, but this is WARM.  Carthartt's are just the best.  Mine is in hunter green and I have had it for years.  In fact, I get hot in this thing.  And I have to say that I ran into a friend at a horse show last winter.  She was wearing one of these in tan, complete with her Hermes scraft in her neck and she made it look chic.  Buy these at Tractor Supply, on-line, Southern States. 

My hands get really cold in the winter, even in just mild temperatures. These gloves are the only ones that work for me and I can ride and even show in these.  I go through a pair of these each winter.  Keep hand warmers around too for the REALLY cold days.  I buy these SSG gloves on Amazon.

Feet get cold too.  The very best socks are SmartWool.  Forget silk liners, these work just fine.  Again, I go through at least one pair of these each winter.

I also like these for winter riding although  I have not bought a pair yet. These are Ariat boots.

These are ideal for everyday use.  Warm, zip up, functional, also from Ariat.

I have a very old pair of Patagonia fleece pants that I wear all of the time around the house and outside when it is very cold.  They don't make them anymore (wish they would make them again so I could get a new pair).  I also have an old polarfleece vest that is very tight fitting that I can layer. I can even wear it under my riding coat when I show in the dead of winter.  I have not seen one in a store for many years but if you see one, snap it up.

What do you do to stay warm outside when the temperatures plunge?  

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