Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Vintage Equestrian

I had a lot of fun with this...Ebay is a great source for unique gifts and vintage finds.  Look at some of the "vintage equestrian" finds that I came up with this morning.  And the best part is that is always changes.  You can find something new every day!

This one is really awesome for those young enough to remember when people actually wore ultrasuede.  Back in the late 70's this would have been in hot demand down on the Florida circuit or to wear at a Middleburg hunt party.  Can't believe that people actually wore this stuff.

This would make a really cool gift.  It is currently on Ebay, not expensive (under $20 currently).  Works.

This scarf is also great looking.  It shows its age a bit but that is part of its allure.  Very art deco and I love it!

How about this dress in size 8? I can remember when ladies wore dresses like this.  It really has not gone out of style.

Ralph Lauren.  I love this too.  And this works well today just like it did back in the 80's.  Size large.

Another Ralph Lauren piece.  No one does equestrian quite like he does. 

Ralph one more time. 

This scarf I really adore.  Not huge, about 25 inches and rayon, not silk, but this is timeless.

Another great old scarf.

And lastly, I could not resist throwing these in, from the 80's maybe, size 34 for the man in your life. I can picture Chevy Chase wearing these on Christmas in "Christmas Vacation" or even better, Cousin Eddie wearing them as he struts out of his RV parked in the Griswald's front lawn.  Gotta love it.  Go vintage.  It's one way to go green at Christmas!

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