Monday, January 30, 2012

Give Thanks to our Furry Friends

Reflective morning.  Wanted to give thanks to all of our furry friends, with paws and hooves.  How would life be without these wonderful creatures in our lives?

This is Greta. We picked her up on the side of the road 12 years ago.  She is the Princess - won't use the cat door. 

This is Charlotte, Carver's sister.  Carver died in 2010 very unexpectedly.  Charlotte is the sweetest cat on the planet.  Loves to eat. 

Truman is my buddy.  He sits with me when I work, follows me around the house. Is just the best cat.  He came from the pound and has had some health issues in 2011. 

Mosby came off the farm when she was a kitten.  She is the cutest cat on the planet and loves to sit like a rabbit with her front legs straight out in front of her (I call it her "full frontal rabbit"). 

We cannot forget our larger furry friends.  You all know Miss Sega by now.  She is just too special for words.  At 18 she is still going, but she has her good days and bad ones.  Every day with her from this point forward is a gift.

April is Sega's daughter.  She is like a giant dog, wants to be petted, kissed and hugged.  She decided to eat my boots last night while I pulled her mane.  Never a dull moment with her around.

And last but certainly not least, there is Alfie, the only man in the barn.  He is a sweet one, very quirky, but his heart is in the right place. And those movie star looks never get old.

(David Bell photo)

Give all of your furry friends a hug today! 

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  1. Hi, I was doing a google image search for console tables and a photo of your Mosby cat came up in the search. I did a double take as Mosby looks just like a cat that showed up here a few years ago and we have taken him in. I had to click on the photo to see if it was him and his original owners were looking for him. I see that yours is a female though, so just a funny coincidence.


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