Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Lindsey Coral Harper Jazzes It Up

Sometimes I come across the work of a decorator that hits the nail on the head.  Melissa Rufty's work does that for me. Ruthie Sommers is in the same league.  Well, I am adding Lindsey Coral Harper to my short list.  Her recent work in a somewhat plain (but large) house in Charlotte, NC (in the new House Beautiful), well, I could just move right in! I love her use of bold colors. You can see the article here:

There are no white walls in this house.  And she takes a house that does not appear to have great character (at least from what I can tell in the magazine) and just makes it stand out. 

They put her kitchen on the cover! 

I also like the living room.

Here is another peak at the bright kitchen. Gotta love to cook a meal in here!

She is from Georgia.  No wonder she loves color so much!  She is a true Southerner like the rest of us!

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  1. Agree with your sentiments and how gorgeous is that bedroom! LOVE!


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