Tuesday, January 3, 2012

You Know It's Winter When......

Here in the country, winter brings all kinds of challenges that you don't have to worry about with city life.  We spent much of the day Monday getting ready for our first really cold burst.  We've been lucky in that we have not had to worry much about the weather until now in early January.

But here are a few clues, that you know it's winter.

The Cartharts come out of the closet and stay in the mud room until April.  These are just the warmest. Forget Gortex.

The blade is ready for the John Deere.

The heated buckets go out in the barn.

The beet pulp comes out.  My horses don't drink as much water as they should in cold weather. This insures that they get more water every day. 

The Carmex is used several times a day.

The hand warmers are bought in bulk.

The extension cords come out for the old Dodge diesel.  The older trucks have a block heater that needs to be plugged in so they will start in cold weather.  The newer truck starts right up. 

We make sure we have enough extra hay, just in case of snow. 

We keep buckets of extra water in the feed room.  If the power goes out, the well goes dry so we keep extra water in case of a power outage. Worse things have happened.

Smart wool socks get used every day.  These are just the very best.

The horses live in their Rambos.

We go to bed much earlier.  This winter weather makes life much more difficult. So much for farm living!  At least we don't live in Canada.   BRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's cold outside!

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