Thursday, February 9, 2012

April Woes

Frustrating month with Baby April, who needs to be in work.  Struggling with an abcess that won't heal.  This has been going on since mid-January.  Just heat in her foot, a small wound for the abcess to pop out, but all it wants to do is close up.  She is sound for a week or two, then lame again.  Rinse, cycle, repeat.  Vet has already been out once, convinced this is an abcess due to the heat, the opening in her heal. 

Have tried every trick in the book.  Last night we used heat tape.  Guaranteed to push that baby to the surface.  Not going to happen.  How long can this go on?????   Running out of options here.  May be a very long spring and at this rate she may never make it to the Pre Greens this year.  Any more magic tricks out there that I have not heard about yet?

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