Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Jingles for Baby April

(David Bell photo)

I am taking Baby April to the vet in Charlottesville today (to see the senior guy, when no one else can figure out what is wrong).  I'd be lying if I said I wasn't really worried.  She has been on and off lame for a month now.  At the moment she is on three legs (read, VERY lame).  She has been like this since Friday.  We cannot figure out what is wrong.  We were treating her for an abcess, but at the moment, the vet does not think it is an abcess. Personally, I am praying for an abcess.  The problem is her right hind leg, the same leg that bothered her last summer.

(David Bell Photo)

I am not a vet but my money says there is something in her heel, either a very deep abcess that won't come out or something much worse. We will know later today, hopefully and I can get my sweet big mare some relief from the pain that she is in. Not a happy Valentine's Day in my part of the world.  Hope for the best!


  1. Hi Ann,
    Hoping that you get good news in regard to Baby April. I know it has to be heart breaking to see her in such pain. Fingers crossed!!


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