Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Signs of Spring

I know it is only mid-February but today really felt like spring.  The birds were chirping, the grass even looked greener.  So how do you know when it is really spring?

Here are a few clues:

1) You start looking at Lilly Pulitizer. 
I love Lilly but I don't really pay much attention to it until spring.  Here are some of their new products.  I can see using these on the patio mid-May.

2) Jack Rogers
You think about adding another color to your wardrobe since these are timeless and will be worn even when you are 70.  Even Jackie loved them!

3)  You think about the beach.
I am not a beach person and rarely ever make a summer trip to the beach but it sure looks good right about now. 

4) March Madness
You know spring is right around the corner when you start seeing ads for March Madness.  Let the games begin!

5) The Masters
April is just around the corner when CBS begins airing ads for the Masters, my favorite golf tournament, and no, I do not play golf.

6) The seed catalogs begin to arrive.

7) Mowing
I actually thought about mowing today, NOT a good sign. 

8) The jelly beans arrive!
I love jelly beans and my two favorites (Russell Stovers with real sugar and Brach's Pectin Jelly Eggs) only show themselves at Easter.  If you happen to see these anywhere, let me know, they are hard to find.

What are your favorite and not so favorite signs?

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