Wednesday, February 1, 2012

J Crew Diversion

I was out of town yesterday for a quick business trip and had time to venture into the nearby J Crew.  My timing was good, they had just put out their new spring clothes.  There was so much stuff in there I loved, it was hard to take it all in.  The web site does not do the new line justice.  Wanted to take some instore photos but company policy says no, so here are some the things I really liked. This is just the tip of the iceburg.  If you are a J Crew fan like I am, get in there.  Much of this stuff won't make it to the sale rack!

This was my favorite. It comes in two colors but the store had the other color (l like them both).  The other is a tortoise shell with yellow and aqua accents.

This one is pretty cool too but a bit clunkier.

These sweaters are versatile, lightweight wool but heavy enough to put a shirt underneath.  Comes in a variety of colors.  Looks good under a jacket, alone, with jeans or even fancier pants for work. 

These wedges come in some fun colors.

These belts were really fun.  I'd like to have all of these:

I love these silk shirts and these remind me of shirts we wore in the 80's (the earlier version had shoulder pads of course). I like the yellow one the best.

Another silk shirt.  This comes in black/white and blue/green.  J Crew went big on navy this year with kelly green accents.  You need to be thin to pull off the horizontal stripes though.

These were my favorite pants.  Somewhat heavy so you won't be wearing these in summer but again, the navy/white theme.  Great fabric.  Looks better in real life.

These pastel toothpick jeans are great and come in some yummy colors.  I imagine these will be flying off the shelf.  The pale yellow ones are my favorites!

This will certainly sell out and the store was already out of some sizes.  The photos do not do this justice but this little Chanel-like jacket is flecked with all kinds of colors.  You can wear this baby anywhere depending on what you put underneath.  This will not be around long. 

When it is almost 70 degrees outside in January in Virginia, it is hard not to think spring.  It is coming, or maybe it is already here.  Guess there are some positives to global warming, aren't there?????

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