Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Bar None

Feeling a bit "James Bondish" today, thinking about style over substance.  Some of these "bar accessories" are over the top and would fit right in with Sean Connery with a cool blonde on his arm, asking for his drink "shaken but not stirred."  And with the Kentucky Derby around the corner, couldn't you use a few of these for your party? 

All of these items can be purchased on 1st Dibs.com.

This lovely art deco cocktail shaker is indeed a rare find.

Apres ski?

Portable Louis Vuitton champagne cooler?

A gimlet set right out of Mad Men.

An Hermes set (bottle openers) for the equestrian enthusiast....

Bubba Watson could have used this on Sunday....

And for those with simple tastes:

I love these old bottles in vibrant colors:

These stirrup cups would look good anywhere! 

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