Monday, April 23, 2012

Reed Kessler, One to Watch

17-year old Reed Kessler of Armonk, New York is one to watch this year and probably for the next few decades.  At 17, she is so young, in fac,t that she was not allowed to jump the height which was required at the recent Olympic Trials (CSIO**, which is 1.45 to 1.50 meters) at least competitively until January of this year. Not only did she master the height and difficulty, she recently beat some of the best in the business in one of the required trials in Palm Beach.

No one likely doubted her immense talent, but no one expected her to win the first time out on both of her horses.  She won the class and was third on her second mount.  She jumped in her first FEI World Cup qualifier on February 11th with Mika and had one rail.  Pretty impressive. This is like riding and winning the Kentucky Derby in your maiden race. 

It does help that she has supportive parents, Terri and Murray Kessler, who are each accomplished amateurs in their own ranks.  She attends the Professional Children's School in New York so she can ride whereever she needs to in the world, literally.  

Also helps that she knows PR.  She was interviewed recently on the morning talk shows in New York.  She is well-spoken and obviously motivated and talented.  I think we will be seeing lots from this young lady, maybe even in London as she is currently at the top of the "long list" for the U.S. Equestrian Team.  Think she can ride with the "big boys" - McLain Ward, Beezie Patton and Margie Engel?  So far, yes, she probably can. 

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