Thursday, April 5, 2012

More on Mudrooms

The mudroom is likely the most essential room in the house, at least in a country house. When we renovated our house, we took off a "bad" addition and put it back on and included a mudroom which is our primary entrance to the house on the left side.  This is the room most people enter into.

We wanted to make sure it did not look like the staid "suburban house mudroom" with cubby holes for backpacks (reminds me of grammer school) and the like.  And we did not have much room with which to work.

I started with this wallpaper and used a beadboard wainscoating all the way around the room.  This makes it easier to clean.

Needed a good bench, so we built one in.  I store stuff underneath.  I recently added pillows for looks more than anything else.

This brick floor is easy to clean and does not show dirt.

The draperies are my personal favorite. I bought the horse head finials for $5.00 and used the leftover cording from the bench cushion for the drapes.  The horse bronze just seemed to go on the window ledge.
An old coat rack purchased at a Virginia antique store works wonders for all of the coats we need.

And this rack from Target holds our many boots and shoes.  Not pretty but practical.

And this old basket keeps all the needed hats and gloves.

I love this room. 

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