Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Fantasy Kentucky Derby Party

I've always wanted to have a Kentucky Derby Party.  Not in the cards for this year but maybe I can put together a Fantasy Kentucky Derby Party instead.  It would have to be outside, with an peek inside only to watch the race.  This is Union Rags, one of the favorites for Saturday's race. 

(Jack Rockwell photo)
Start with the invitation.  Have a really killer one, there are many options.  These are really cute.

There are lots of ways you can tailor your party to the event, using cookies, mint juleps, etc.  Wish I could make these.  Hats off to the Derby!

Horses instead?

How about these?

Since cupcakes are all the rage.......

You have to serve Mint Juleps. If you have cups use them! 

Or Mint Julep desserts:

It's the little touches that make a difference. Like these coasters.

This wine cooler:

This J McLaughlin dress:

Maybe a Derby tie?

Or an entire men's outfit, just for the Derby!  The men can dress up too!

Or a special Derby wreath.....

There are so many ways to make this fun and imaginative. 

Maybe next year! 

(Photos are from Pininterest unless otherwise noted).

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  1. Love all the inspirations and few things make a more elegant theme for a party, I agree!


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