Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Felix Doolittle Equestrian Stationary

Felix Fu is an artist and visual storyteller who was born and raised in Hong Kong. Now living and working in Newton, Massachusetts, Felix creates tiny watercolors that capture the joy, beauty and essence of life. Charming and whimsical, his images have a nostalgic feeling that reminds one of a simpler, more magical time. Perhaps it is the flavor of the English influence in Hong Kong blended with New England tradition and a dash of child-like enthusiasm. Felix Doolittle stationery is unlike any other - each piece is like a miniature work of art. The Doolittle signature style includes full color illustrations, quality heavy paper, rounded corners and complementing illustrated envelopes. As friends and family receive your invitations and announcements, we hope our stationery conveys the joy with which it was created.

Just love his work.

You can find out more about it using the URL below:


Happy Tuesday!

1 comment:

  1. I love Felix Doolittle! I have tons of his stationery and my mother even has a custom house illustration on her stationery.


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