Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Vintage Equestrian Posters

Vintage posters are a great way to add character to a room.   You can find these on Ebay but International Poster Gallery currently has a nice selection of equestrian art.   Some are large, many are old, all are unique.

This one is from 1897, from an Almanac of Twelve Sports, 9'6 x 12.2".

This one is by an unknown artist, circa 1900, 15" x 11.5".  Almost looks like an Hermes scarf!

This one is circa 1962, measures 22" x 31". 

In 1923, Charles Mather began selling subscriptions to corporations for an annual poster series to motivate and inspire workers. What began as a novel concept to use up excess capacity turned into a very popular series seen in hundreds of factories across the U.S. during the Roaring Twenties. This rare one sells for over $2000.  From 1929, measures 35.2" x 43.8".

Wouldn't this be fabulous in a mountain cabin out west?  From 1965, measures 25" x 40.2". $900

From Germany, circa 1913, 37" x 46".

From the Munich Olympics, 1972.  32.9" x 46.7".

Artist is unknown, from Basel, 1975, 35.4" x 50.4":

From Olympia (London), unknown artist, circa 1924.  18.5" x 11.5":

Circa 1925, 23.5" x 34.5":

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