Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Sapphire Retires

Looks like we won't be seeing the incredible Sapphire and her equally incredible rider, McLain Ward, at the Olympics this summer, at least not as a team. Sapphire is retiring.  No details as of yet as to why the uber-talented chestnut mare is not coming back from an injury as everyone thought. Huge loss for all of who loved to watch the pair in action. What a class act they both are!  We will miss you!!!!


  1. If you've seen the video of Sapphire running around a paddock in retirement, you can only conclude that she's happy about the decision. Gallopgallopgallopgallopgallopgallop...

  2. I think with McLain's injury they knew that they wouldn't be able to qualify for London and he said she didn't owe him anything. Im glad she is going out on a good note and not because of a major injury. They plan on breeding her so I hope she produces some nice babies!


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