Sunday, August 18, 2013

Awesome Alfie

Since I got hurt in early July I shipped Alfie to my trainer until I can ride again.  He completed his first hunter derby about ten days ago and I was so proud of him and was thrilled to be able to see him go.  He has never done a derby and this was his second rated show since last October and his third show all year.  So let's say he hasn't been in the horse show groove.

Alfie has two speeds - good and bad.  He was such a star and I was so proud of him and was grateful that "good" was on. Out of 40 horses he had the highest base score, an 87.5 but because he jumped no higher options he did not get any bonus points. He went into the second round, the handy round in third place.  He had one small error in the second round, mostly from his not doing handy courses before and he was dead tired.  But he finished 7th overall, a respectable score for his first time out.  Mom was proud!  Now if I could only ride him......


  1. Good boy, Alfie and how nice for you! I think purple ribbons are sooooo pretty. :)

    Did you ever tell us how you got hurt and your injury? If you did, I missed it... I hope you are healing well and will feel better soon.

  2. He looks pleased, but pooped! :-)


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